Carlos to the Rescue

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Valentino's been an utter disaster since Valentino left.

So yesterday the company announced they were bringing back Carlos Souza, the former model and current PR whiz to whip it back into shape. Or more specifically, to get back their devoted celebrity clientele.

He's starting now, or next week at couture and working alongside HL Group here in the States to right what's become the wrong Valentino image.

If anyone can do that, if anyone knows the brand well enough, it's Souza, but how can all the PR in the world fix a label with disastrous, or worse, boring designs? From Alessandra Facchinetti's controversial ousting to the lackluster clothes from Valentino's former accessory designers the house hasn't had the least success since Valentino left.

Here's hoping Souza really is the answer. We'd hate to see Valentino be the new Halston.

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