Barneys Over Betty


My favorite part of the Betty Jackson show, aside from Times UK critic Lisa Armstrong telling me she loved my dress, was the models' hair and make-up.

Everyone's locks were pinned up into a sort of woven crown on top of their heads, secured with a retro banded headband on top of a bare face but for bright red lips.

The clothes were less succinct - a few hospital gowns, very simple silk beige dresses, some high-waisted black hotpants I'd buy in a second if I lived on a runway, and a little striped number that I think I saw at Anthropologie a few weeks ago.

A few of the dresses were pretty, a ruffled jumpsuit screamed, "Spring 09!!" but overall the clothes weren't enough to sustain audience interest.

So we told Lisa about the Barney's Warehouse sale instead.

"But literally? In a warehouse? And editors go?" she asked.

"Yes! Really! You'll have to come and write about it," we told her.

"I have to come just to shop it!"

Well, yes.

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