Back In Black at Valentino


Designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli took some serious hits from critics after their first couture showing in January.

But the press seems to have warmed a bit to the collection they presented yesterday in Paris.

There is definitely a new vibe at the house. While an occasional bow did make an appearance, the looks were dark, almost entirely black. And for the most part very short and sexy. There were no splashes of color and definitely no Valentino red to be found.

I will admit to not being the biggest Valentino (the clothes, not the man) fan in town, though I've always had a great appreciation for many things about the line. But this collection actually speaks much more to my personal taste. I think it looks young and hot and current.

Carlos Souza is going to be able to take this collection and run with it...all the way to Hollywood.

What say you about Valentino's new direction?

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