Anya Pleats & Studs for Resort

anya sparlky i die.jpg

I swung by Anya Hindmarch's showroom to check out her resort collection this morning, (I think it's because Abby's trying to inundate me with wallets, but I don't mind waking up to pretty things).

And trust me, there are lots of pretty things.

There's a decidedly younger bent to this collection including cross-body bags with dainty tassels and a variety of shapes studded with the most delicate studs ever - gold dots subtly engraved with Anya's signature bow.

The other story, layered leather clutches and bags with bone-looking locks, are a bit more sophisticated, but still fun and the rainbow glitter clutch at left had me biting my tongue so as not to squeal, "I die" in front of the other, chicer editors in my presence.

And as for wallets, Abby, that black studded one is right up my alley...

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