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Hi guys,

I'd like to take a moment out of my busy retail schedule to rant about See by Chloe's decline.

I used to love, love See for its quirkiness and fresh take on the Chloe aesthetic, but now it feels more Forever 21 than runway worthy. I first noted the difference at the Chloe sample sale when the See racks were home to very different products. I started inspecting everything and about half had Made In Italy labels while the other half had Made in China stamped on the tag - totally different factories, totally different quality and all for the exact same price.

I thought maybe it was just the samples so I checked out the See section on Bergdorf's 5th floor last weekend and it looks like everything's made in China now. If anyone owns past See pieces and takes the time to compare to current season's pieces, you can't ignore the difference in quality, design & feel.

Anyway, has anyone else noticed?

So Mad I Can't SEE Straight

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