Alison Lewis + Ashley Granata = Fashion Week Love!

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Mark your calendars, please.

Ashley Granata, formerly of, and Alison Lewis (do we still have to introduce her as half of the former Mooka Kinney?) have teamed up to show off their collections in a joint show at New York Fashion Week!

Alison will be showing her Fall 09 Lewis collection alongside Ashley's accessories line, Ashley Jeanne, on February 12th. Picture a collection inspired by vintage circus images and tents and the "silent film and slapstick comedy of the 1920's" from Lewis, alongside Ashley's line which was inspired by royal porcelain and antique book bindings (most people know Ashley as the girl that put together all those parties for, but here's a fun fact: She's also a textile designer formally trained at Chelsea College of Art in London - think Marchesa).

The event marks the second full collection for Alison, and the debut of Ashley's.

And since Ashley definitely knows how to throw a good party, we suggest making sure you get an invite - they don't go out until Monday!

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