Alex Straightens Up?!

freja beha in alexander wang spring 09.jpg

Today's WWD had all the details about the upcoming jewelry collaboration between Alexander Wang and Paris Kain of Abraxas Rex, maker of some of the biggest jewelry you've ever seen.

The capsule line is supposed to explore outrageous ways of wearing accessories like earrings ("We want to push the meaning of embellishment") with outrageous price tags to match ("$350 to $975 wholesale"). The collection debuts at Alex's Fall 09 show next week.

But here's what's interesting: In the article, Alex reveals that he wanted the jewelry to be "sleek and streamlined" to match his collection. Huh?

Turns out, Alex's Fall 09 will veer away from his usual languid silhouettes, and into new territory, one that comes with adjectives like "constructed" and "tailored".

Could this be the direction that also made Alex decide to sort of branch into menswear?

We'll probably never know, but there is officially buzz around Valentine's Day.

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