Adventures in Copyright: Topshop Tops Itself

topshop copies peter jensen loafters.jpg

I've been ogling these Peter Jensen for Topshop loafers, left, for a while now. I loved the patent leather, but I didn't love the price tag.

But now, thanks to Topshop's ingenuity, I'm in luck. They've knocked off their own designer collaboration, right, and designed the exact same shoe for $85 less.

Let's examine the (tiny) differences:

- Peter Jensen's are a little shinier, but we don't know if that's a good thing.

- Peter Jensen's do have that candy apple red while Topshop's are a little more blood-stained.

- Peter Jensen's seem to be a little better constructed.

Granted, these are pretty simple penny-loafers gone red patent and Peter Jensen nor Topshop are reinventing the heel, but come on, really? The only real difference, besides the price, is that the Peter Jensens are labeled as "designer" and Topshop's can be found under "smart"...


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