Adventures in Copyright: Preying on the Young

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Regardless of where you stand on the the habits of mass retailers ripping off designers, you have to admit that it's pretty fucked up for Topshop to take a designer they sponsor - a championed, beloved, we might even say genius designer - and copy his clothes.

Especially when you consider the stake Sir Philip Green has in Christopher Kane. His store doesn't just fund Kane's runway shows, provide a venue and almost bottomless financial backing, they've also recruited the Scottish designer to create his own collection for Topshop.

Which is, in fact, the best way to offer his talent to the customer who appreciates it, but can't drop five grand on a cocktail dress.

Obviously, Topshop lacks the time and money to make the dress as detailed as Kane's SS09 collection. But if your eyes are able to discern that the dress on the left is, indeed, a color called lavender, there is no way you can deny that it desperately wants to mirror the look on the right.

And, well, you know how that makes us feel.

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