Adventures in Copyright: Channeling Chanel

chanel 255 funny copy.jpg

Reader Claire, from Sydney, drew our attention to this Slow & Steady Wins the Race bag, at right.

Though it could never pass as one of the actual 2.55's hanging at the Zaha Hadid exhibit in Central Park right now, we all know the association this bag is trying to ride on.

Even though $100 seems like a lot for a canvas bag, we can't help but think this could be a hilarious purchase, especially if you attached a little lego man where the double C clasp would go (like in the earlier versions of the bag, anyway) - we suggest Band of Outsiders' (or, Toys"R"Us).

But anyway, Claire wonders: "Somehow I feel this is more an attempt at irony rather than a lame ploy to rip off luxury labels." (We're guessing it's the canvas for her, too.)

And so she asks, "What do you think?"

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