Add DVF as Your Friend


Did you know Diane Von Furstenberg has her own Facebook page?

You probably did. But did you know you can now use it for sales?

Apparently, she's trying to really reach out to the youth, kind of like Obama, and look at where that led him.

If you search "DVF" and click on her fan page, you'll see this pretty DVF graphic offering 30% off over the next five days on Fall ready-to-wear and accessories (we hope that includes the comic book). If you're not on Facebook for some reason, just enter FACEBOOKSALE on at checkout.

We're delighted that Diane's tapping into the youth market in a way that actually works with youth, especially since we don't want her pretty wrap dresses to go away with our mother's generation. Here's to hoping for what we think is the next logical step, sales or design previews popping up on your newsfeed, because wouldn't you love to read, "Those Miu Miu flats on your Net-a-Porter wish list are now on sale" first thing in the morning?


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