A Perfect 10


Farrah Fawcett's recent death is still inspiring odes to her famous locks. We've already rhapsodized on how much we love Farrah, but this got us all thinking about other 1970s hair icons.

Since it's summer, the first lady that came to mind was Bo Derek, running on the beach in 10.

Farrah had the blown-out voluminous curls. Bo was on the other end of the spectrum with her sleek cornrows.

Sure it's a beach-associated style, but we're actually of the belief that an incredibly wide range of people can work it with confidence, even on the isle of Manhattan. Hell, even David Beckham looked great in them back in 2003 (okay, actually, David Beckham basically always looks good.)

Looking for a way to spice up your hairstyle? Give cornrows a second look. Now, if we could look that good in a nude bathing suit...


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