A Hair Tip, Just for Fun

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From: Nice@Bedhead.com

Hello Fashionista,

I’ve always gotten compliments about how even after a long night of partying, my hair always looks amazing the morning after. So, I wanted to pass along a tip of mine for the holiday season! Especially if you curl/wave your hair for a night out, before you go to bed, spray a texturizing hairspray (or any ultra hold hairspray) all over your head to the point where you think you have sprayed too much. (I use Pantene Pro V Ultimate Texture Hairspray, cheap, tried and true.) The next morning, your curls will still be in place and you will be left with a very natural and sexy bed head. Revive your hair by recurling a few key pieces and you'll be ready to go! This really comes in handy when you have to work or go to class the next morning…

Hope you can pass this on! This is my saving grace during the heavy hangover holiday season!



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