Kanye/Jay-Z Single to be Released Next Week

Runaway Screening

Well, it’s been a week since their last project, so the time is nigh for a new one. Yes, Kanye West and Jay-Z already have a shared hit on the airwaves, the deeply satisfying “Monster” off Kanye’s spectacular album This Buys Me Another Year on Twitter, a disc that was only released in late November. (“Monster” is the multi-cameo collab one in which Hova finally reveals “laaaaaaaaaaaahve” as his Achilles heel, in case you forgot.)

They’ve previously worked together on seven other tracks, including the remix of West’s Grammy-winning “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” (off 2005’s Late Registration).

Last night, Kanye offered up the release date of their joint album, Watch the Throne: Tuesday. As in, four days from now. He also revealed the “Holy machismo, Batman!” cover art for first single “H.A.M.”--which you can view here.

The duo finished much of the album at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in England. Kanye previously told New York radio station Hot 97 that Watch the Throne would land in February with a first single release on New Year’s Day.

You now have four days to wildly speculate on what “H.A.M.” stands for. Use this time wisely.

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