Finally, a Use for Old New York Times

News junkies, post-modern aesthetes, and modern-design lovers now have something to bond over: Wallpaper created from New York Times headlines.

Created by artist A.J. Bocchino from strings of chronologically arranged headlines color-coded by subject, the wallpaper might not be the right look for every apartment. It's unlcear what apartment it would be good for, but in the catalog pic it looks like it might have been hung in one of those glass skyscrapers in Williamsburg nobody is buying, so maybe it's perfect for the people who aren't buying apartments in The Edge. Bocchino says he uses the headlines, collected from 1990–2005, as "data for systems that generate complex networks and forms" and lets world events shape the patterns. Interior decorators looking to get their global apocalyptic news fix can pick up a roll at WallpaperLab for a cool grand. At $1,000 per 10'X40" roll you may want to use it sparingly. But the serious masochist might want to spring for NASDAQ wallpaper.


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