Fierce Fall ‘It' Bag: Burberry's Spike Clutch

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

Burberry knows just what you need this fall: a tiny handbag with spikes all over it! The "Spike Clutch" is all the rage for cold-weather wardrobes. When we first looked at this picture, we thought the bag would make a fantastic self-defense mechanism. Then we perused other images on the Burberry Website and realized the spikes actually dangle like oblong beads, which won't help us injure muggers but will prevent us from cutting ourselves (we hope). The waiting list for the Spike Clutch just went up online. We registered because we bet that if we wish hard enough in between now and the time ours is ready for pickup, an extra $1,995 will blossom in our bank account (especially with the economy being such a champ these days). Burberry stores are also keeping wait lists for the bag; the 57th Street location told us "quite a few" people have signed up already. So if you want to carry fierce in the palm of your hand this fall, register now.

Join the wait list for Burberry’s spike clutch TODAY! [Grazia]

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