Ferraro Bringing New Kitchen/FOH staff, “True Delicious Comfort Food” to Delicatessen

After months of tepid reviews (including a Platt zero star today) and community push back, some changes are afoot at Soho's resto-club Delicatessen. On Friday, Grub Street brought word that Michael Ferraro, briefly a chef at the now shuttered Fresh, would be taking over for Doron Wong, and today Ferraro lets us in on what we can expect at Delicatessen 2.0. Apparently it's not just the chef that's out. Ferraro is bringing in a full kitchen crew from Fresh and a few of his former FOH staff. We'll hand it over to Michael for menu details:

"What I plan to do at Delicatessen with the menu is balance it with more approachable items. I'm gonna slow down the use of the fryer for one and reintroduce true delicious comfort food, some classic dishes from my Italian roots with a little sophistication added.

My modern French cooking style will also be seen on the menu, I think that Delicatessen needs to get back to the basics and just serve good food that people can understand and not try to reinvent wheel."

And the burning question: Will he ax those unfathomably popular fried cheeseburger spring rolls and Rueben fritters?: "Most likely, although the spring rolls have sold pretty well."
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