Fenton Fallon Opens Tomorrow

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We swung by yesterday to find a gated up store front spray painted FENTON FALLON in hot pink and consider this an indication of good things to come for Dana Lorenz's latest retail project.

Style.com offered up an enticing  preview of what we can expect from this much-anticipated new retail addition to the LES:

- "Working Girl" will be screened on a flat screen along with episodes of "Dynasty" (both of which provided inspiration for store decor)

- 12 limited edition Fenton pieces will be released

- Vintage '80's/early '90's apparel will also be for sale via pink Lucite poles

- Pink is more than just a theme in the store's decor, it's a whack-you-upside-the-head statement so it seems, applied to everything from furniture (fuzzy pink chairs), carpeting (of the more abysmal variety on the pink scale), and of course, the walls

If these four facts don't make you want hit up Freemans Alley this week to check out the shop at the very least, her killer jewelry designs that are mysteriously absent of profound amounts of pink should.

Fenton Fallon is located on Freemans Alley, off of Rivington Street, between Chrystie and Bowery

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