Family Curse Drops Video and 7-Inch, Plays Pop Montreal

You rarely see a post-punk approach taking the aggressive route these days, let alone a band that can do it well.

That's where the emerging New York quartet Family Curse comes in. Where that "post" tag gets attached to so many dour, downplayed punk acts these days, it's a treat to see the exuberance of arty '90s punk revived through energy and tempo rather than purely mood.

Family Curse is made up of members of some great New York bands of late: punkers Golden Error, shredding post-punk duo Ribbons, and hard chargers Blood City.

This is a relatively new project, but is coming full-frontal with some pretty fantastic sounds and live shows right out the gate.

I haven't caught these guys since Death By Audio a few months back, but the impending release of a 7-inch on Drawing Room Records excites me, as does this video for their track "Julia Armant."

Alex Newport mixed the beast, which is cool to hear -- he's previously done work for The Locust and At The Drive In, among many others.

Family Curse is heading up to Montreal for the pop festival there. Let's wish them godspeed. They'll be joining garage-rock big-boys Les Sexareenos for the band's first show in 10 years.

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