Everything ‘Gossip Girl' Does, They Do for Us

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O-M-to-the-G, you guys. Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune interviewed Gossip Girl producer Josh Schwartz this week, and happened to ask him about the weird scene in this week's episode where the three little girls accost Serena and Dan. Which, as you may recall, was our favorite scene. And now we know why.

The scene in the Sept. 14 episode in which three girls approach Dan and Serena and browbeat them about their lives — based on what the girls have read online — was a “nod” to the gossip sites and message boards that obsessively follow the show and the lives of the “Gossip Girl” actors. … Schwartz adds that the episode was written by former “O.C.” writer John Stevens, “who shares our meta, kind of self-aware point of view. … It’s a little bit of a nod to New York Magazine’s Daily Intel” and sites like that.

Emphasis ours because did you see that? THEY NODDED AT US. A "little bit." We're dying! Dying. We feel like Samantha in Sixteen Candles, like when she was totally obsessed over Jake Ryan and all, "But he doesn't know I exist." And then he gives her that smoldering look at the dance and she starts to think, "Maybe he really does like me, even though I am a crazy obsessive dork who wears floppy hats." We're not even jealous of Ariel Foxman and his fancy cameo anymore, because now we know that one day, Gossip Girl is going to come and pick us up in a red convertible and we're going to do it on a cloud without getting pregnant or herpes. Wait, sorry to go on like this. Are you totally jealous? Don't worry. There are enough seats in this convertible for all of us.

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