Erin Lucas Is Leaving The City to Be a Gypsy

Whitney Port'sCity

sidekick, Erin Lucas, announced last week she won't be part of the second season of the reality series. "I decided to do something different," she told us this week at the launch party for Alizé's online reality series,Concrete and Cashmere

(on which Lucas is a guest judge). "I have a project in the mix, but I want to get into more hosting. That's really what I love." She also admitted she hasn't spoken to Port inmonths

, though she claims there's no hard feelings and she'd give Port a big hug if she ever saw her again. "We were [close], but things change," she said. "There was a falling out" — reality-TVgold

. However, we spottedThe City

crew filming at a Gen-Art benefit two weeks ago, which Erin attended along with Whitney. And you know what? There was no hugging. "I wasn't filming [that night], I was just there," Lucas tried to explain. She said running into the old camera crews and co-stars was awkward. "But Sammy's still one of my best friends." So why'd she give it up? "It was just hard," she said. "It was a chapter in my life and it was nothing but positive. I'm glad I did it, but on to the next thing. I'm kind of a gypsy. I released a statement a couple of days ago, but this is the first interview with people asking me about it, so I don't know what to say." Life is hard when no one gives you a script.

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