Homeless Girl Snags Elle Internship

In a tale that back in the day would have evoked Oliver Twist, but now is more reality television-worthy, Elle's advice columnist E. Jean recruits an intern from a Wal-mart parking lot.

What a novel concept: a young girl, Bri, with no place to live came across an ad for an advice column competition and entered to win (she is, after all, an aspiring writer).  After her low expectations were met and she heard nothing, she took another step and wrote a letter to Elle's advice czarina, E. Jean explaining how she'd failed.  Lo and behold, E. Jean read the letter (shocking!) and answered it in her column, granting the resourceful girl a four-month internship and possibly, a glimmer of possibility beyond the Wal-mart parking lot. 

With original plans for a reality show following E. Jean's hunt for an intern, perhaps they'll make a spectacle of this girl and broadcast her sting at the magazine.  Show or no, we're interested to know how Bri does in the position she clearly earned. 

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