EaterWire: Greenhouse a Mess, Cafe Boulud Mentor/Protege Dinner

SOHO— Apparently the opening night at the city's new eco-friendly nightclub Greenhouse, didn't go as planned: "The invite read 10PM opening so we arrived at 10:30 expecting throngs of people . Well there were throngs alright, not of party goers, but construction workers." A DBTH reader concurs: "It was one of the most unorganized openings I have ever seen, when I walked in their were leaves falling from the wall, the bar wasn't even set up, they were still drilling, painting, and it was a mess!" [GoaG; DBTH]

UPPER EAST SIDE— Cafe Boulud is launching a new master/protege menu: "’s ten years old, and to congratulate themselves, the Boulud group has created $75 dual five-course menus featuring wunderkind chef Gavin Kaysen’s creations, as well as classic haute-hamishe dishes from the Daniel playbook...the guy is a fantastic chef, already one of the best in New York, and he’s only 12 years old! (Or at least, he looks that way...)" [TFB]For more stories from Eater, go to

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