Eat It: Pig Roast at Hearth

Couldn’t make the pig roast at 3rd Ward? Not to worry: Hearth does it one better, with an unbeatable (and rollicking) family-style porker prix fixe event

Pig roasts aren’t exactly everyday events, if only for the sheer effort involved in cooking a whole porker in an urban setting. So if you missed July’s fantastic 3rd Ward Pig Roast, where Marlow & Sons’ Tom Mylan turned a 200-lb. pig into tacos for all (there’s video, but it's not for the faint of heart), head over to Hearth tonight for another chance to experience this porkstravaganza.

Jettisoning its regular menu, the cozy East Village spot is serving a prix fixe feast revolving around pasture-raised piglet prepared alla Toscana (i.e. stuffed with pork sausage. So meta!): $42 gets you the main event plus a frisée with gorgonzola and shallots, pork terrine, and dessert; throw in another $18 and they’ll add booze to each course. (A note on dessert: It’s pie. Flavors change daily with the kitchen’s whims and greenmarket supply; recent mixes include apricot-blueberry and rhubarb-strawberry with vanilla ice cream, but you can follow the fruit filling du jour on Hearth’s Twitter.) And if you miss this smorgaspork too, well, you still get another chance: Hearth’s pig roasts have been such rollicking events, they’ve added more dates to the calendar.

Pig Roast at Hearth
Tuesdays August 4, 18, and 25, and Wednesday August 5, 6-10PM
Hearth, 403 East 12th Street at First Avenue; 646-602-1300
$42; $60 with beer/wine pairings
For more information and to reserve, go to

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