Donna Karan Launches iPhone App

All the cool kids are doing it, and the New York-based designer is no exception. Donna Karan today announced the launch of her new iPhone app, and -- ever taking a different tack in her industry -- Karan's app favors personality over slick-and-easy retail.

At last week's town hall-style meeting sponsored by the CFDA, Karan was one of the heavy-hitters who offered a more sobering view of the current state of affairs in the city, saying the industry was currently "in a crisis."

So the news that the designer was embracing a more advanced form of connecting with her customer was not exactly a surprise, though it is interesting that she's chosen to focus more on creating a personal attachment with her shoppers than creating an ultra-easy way to shop (like Net-a-Porter and other retail-based fashion apps that have launched recently).

Donna Karan's app offers her customers the chance to browse through all the various looks in her latest collection, but the focus is more on the personal touches: a video of Karan describing her favorite pieces, an "Ask Donna" section, where customers can ask the designer questions, and a "Love, love, love" section that highlights two of the designer's favorite things of the moment.

No worries, ladies, you can still buy what you want. Just save your favorite looks from the collection into a wish list, which will be sent to one of the brand's personal shoppers -- they'll make sure you get exactly what you want.

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