Despite the Flu, One Swine Keeps On Walking

Get your morning scoop on the "Swine of the Hill," a little Snickers ad remixing, a random Fourth of July parade, a few overlooked improvements in Times Square and a furious City Councilman in today's local blog round-up.

  • The neighborhood "Swine of the Hill" was spotted being taken for his or her walk in Clinton Hill the other day, and this blogger's got the grainy, sasquatch-style photo to prove it. Global Swine Flu pandemic or not, this little guy's still got his human bud. Makes you wonder how all the bird lovers felt back in 2005 when the bird flu was America's Biggest Threat.  Oink if you're against Pig Discrimination. [Clinton Hill Blog]
  • One well-read subway mix-up artist took a new "Snacklish" Snickers ad on the G train and turned it into a "Read some Chompsky" commentary piece. [See Tim Blog]
  • The Greenpoint, Brooklyn Fourth of July parade was well attended by marching guards, a parade float, and...wait a minute. What is this, Hoboken?  Nope, no worries!  It's just a shoot for a new Jennifer Aniston movie called Bounty Hunter. [Gothamist]
  • While most of New York has been raving about the de-car-ing of Times Square, people may have overlooked the other transportation changes in the area, like a few good looking pedestrian islands and separated bike lanes.  [StreetsBlog]
  • New York Democratic City Councilmember Charles Baron said in a recent video he thinks Hiro Monserrate and Pedro Espada should have been left with the Republicans because they are "rewarding flip-flopping, rewarding sell-outs."  After adding his hope that "the lord sends a plague to both their houses," he was asked to describe Monserrate and Espada in one word, to which he simply replied, "Embarrasments."  Don't you just love Albany politics in the spring time?  It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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