Wednesday PM Linkage: Weekly Food Edition

· Bruni braves scene at Delicatessen and hits it with a goose egg [NYT]
· Platt grants Sheridan Square a star, despite "airport hotel" vibe [NYM]
· Paul Adams files on JoeDoe's big portions & nonexistent crowds [Sun]
· RG overwhelmed with Apiary's sweetness & drops it two stars [NYDN]
· Liquor license-denied Mercury Dime is bankrupting Milk & Honey [Eater]
· Ryan Sutton unimpressed with Todd English's brand-new Libertine [Bloomberg]
· Interview with restaurant king and dream-chaser Danny Meyer [TONY]
· The UWS Shake Shack will have second dining room for private party needs [Sun]
· Neon-hued and live-DJ'd Thai spot Kurve has opened for the third time [Eater]

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