Cocktails Incorporate Food, Food Banks Run on Empty

Food for thought while you caffeinate. Plus, what's on the menu for later.

Good morning. Today we learn that Food Banks are among the non-profits suffering from state-withheld funding (in Bed-Stuy, clothing replaces dry goods) and protesters will hit City Hall in Albany and Westchester tomorrow to have their say about it. Meanwhile, in restaurants, there's so much food available that savory ingredients—like bacon, of course—continue to show up in cocktails. For DIY meat-rich concoctions, or specifically, to "fat-wash" scotch: Pour in bacon grease, freeze, then skim off the layor of fat and you've got a viscous spirit. We've tasted something similiar at Danny Meyer's Maialino, in Gramercy Park (namely, the Pig & Pepe, infused with suckling pig fat-washed tequila). In less experimental bar news, former 21 Club manager Roger Rice, pictured in our Class Photo, has moved back to his former post at the Carlyle.

Stay tuned: Later today, Bar Henry's wine-loving crew joins our restaurant yearbook, and we check in with Hester Street Market.

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