Clippings: Jean Paul Gaultier in a Bathrobe Edition

- A bomb scare apparently caused Jean Paul Gaultier to wind up evacuating his luxury hotel room in Nice wearing only a bathrobe. [Yahoo]

- The best quote from Mike Albo's recent review of the Hollister store? How the Laguna Beach body mist "smelled like Jolly Ranchers being breathed on my face by Hayden Panettiere." [New York Times]

- Remember that whole Hearst at Hearst rumor? Well, turns out it's true. Amanda Hearst will join Nina Garcia's fashion team at Marie Claire this week. Best of all, the position's "newly created," which we would have thought was impossible in this economy. [Fashion Week Daily]

- Rumors are swirling that Penelope Cruz is hiding from the media because of her growing belly. Since she and Javier Bardem are basically the most adorable couple in the history of the world, this whole hideout thing's confusing. [NY Post]

- No surprise: Shoppers are finding solace in the cozy anonymity of the internet. [WWD]

- Brilliant! Andre Leon Talley is going to judge Miss Universe. We might actually tune in this year! [The Cut]

- Are rich Russians the new rock stars? First Dasha Zhukova, now Naomi Campbell. What gives? [NY Post]

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