Clippings: Anna Wintour in the '80s Edition

- Fashionologie compiles a painstakingly comprehensive look back at Anna Wintour's old spreads for New York Magazine. Sigh. So '80s! [Fashionologie]

- Folks in the U.K. rejoice over their newfound ability to buy Gap products overseas, thanks to Wow, we were desperate for Topshop and they were desperate for ... Gap? That seems screwy. [Grazia Daily]

- One more reason to subscribe to the New Yorker -- they stand by their own. Of all the receptionists fired at Conde Nast this week, Stanley Ledbetter was saved by EIC David Remnick, who offered him a gig as an editorial assistant instead. [NY Post]

- The daughter of one of the Real Housewives is now a model. And she's only fifteen. So young, so young. [People]

- Bad news for all you lovers of Victoria Beckham in her undies: She's only designing clothes from here on out. [The Cut]

- The latest preview of the new "Love" magazine features a 13-year-old blogger named Tavi on its cover. Whoa. We are OLD. [Fashionologie]

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