Matthew Williamson for H&M: Please Remain Calm

Were you among the mad hordes snatching MW merch out of salespeoples' hands at H&M this morning?

We love a good NYC crowd swarm, with its anarchy and thrumming anything-can-happen-omg-maybe-there'll-be-cops-with-tasers excitement.

So it was this morning as the much-ballyhooed collection Matthew Williamson guest-designed for H&M hit the racks at the retailer's 5th Avenue flagship, and -- well, most of it didn't have time to hit the racks. Racked -- where they describe the cheapo line as "so much flash, peacock and ruffle" -- has a gallery and play-by-play of the madness (example: "we gawked as an old man violently whipped the last pink belt (of the first batch) from the grasp of a girl.").

Amazing, because fashionable people seem so tame under normal circumstances. But get them around low-priced, quasi-haute couture and they sprout palm hair and fangs like Teen Wolf.

More about MW for H&M at Racked here.

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