Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion: The Giftbag

Because none of you are sick of it yet, let's turn once again to the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion that's currently hovering in Central Park. A Racked tipster attended the big celeb-studded opening bash for the futuristic, Zaha Hadid-designed structure on Tuesday night and has kindly volunteered to share the contents of his orb-covered made in Italy gift bag. It contains: CDs with portfolios of the artists and of the pavilion, the first three Chanel Mobile Art issues (Hong Kong, Tokyo and NYC), two portfolios with photos of the art, and a little certificate of authenticity (we hear that the VIPs also got Chanel No. 5 in theirs). Forget what's inside, though—take a look at that bag. We checked and there aren't any on eBay, but it's just a matter of time.
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