Burg Exclusive Bombshell: Union Triangle Getting a Hotel

Holy. Crap. Now that we've got that out of our system, we can tell you that there are hotel plans for what is going to become of the hottest new corridors in Williamsburg in a few years. Yesterday, we noted (again) all the buildings going up there on Union Avenue, including a huge and steamy Hot Karl. Today, we can report that a hotel is planned for the current location of a Getty Gas station in from of the Hot Karl and across the street from the planned Gateway to Williamsburg and our favorite 24-hour, newly reopened eat greasy food after a night of heavy drinking and ironcially projectile vomit spot, Kellogg's Diner. Yeah, baby. The application was filed yesterday and brought to our attention by the coolest tipster this side of the East River. The new hotel will be six stories tall and have 54 rooms. It's being designed by Thomas Gilman Architects, the firm behind the big glass tower in Prospect-Lefferts Garden that has caused some people to nearly have nervous breakdowns. No renderings from Gilman yet, but he does some pretty creative stuff and it'll be easy to improve on the aesthetics of the Getty Station. We guess it would a cheap shot to call the new place Hotel Getty or to predict they'll have room service from Kellogg's or Dumont. Friends, this is is not going to be your aging hipster cousin's Williamsburg in a few years. Oh, and Hotel Walentas? Watch your ass.
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