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As both a resident and landlord in Bushwick, I would like to add a few thoughts. Yes, the neighborhood is mostly latino, south and central American. I find these folks are hard working, friendly and make excellent tenants. The new hipsters (young, white, skinny jeans) generally keep to themselves and generally live in Bushwick for the same reason as the Latinos - its cheap, has good services, and is reasonably close to Manhattan (especially if you are near the L). Certainly things are changing - buildings are being renovated and a few new bars and restaurants have come in but by and large, I find that the two groups tend to co-exist fairly peacefully and I don't see rapid gentrification driving folks out of the area. One last note: Bushwick is a big neighborhood - on the west end it is mostly industrial and has a number of loft buildings inhabited by artists. Along Broadway, under the train, the area has much more in common with Bed-Stuy. Along the L train, it is mostly Latin, solidly working class with a sprinkling of young folks looking for cheap rent and in the East, near Broadway Junction, it is pretty rough with more in common with East NY. This area also has great brick rowhouses that can be had for less than $500K. Bushwick is a real Brooklyn neighborhood with thriving retail and solid residential blocks. I encourage Brownstoner readers to come and explore my neighborhood.

— by JoeBushwick in Bushwick Goes National

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