New Rule for New Buildings: Bike Parking


Earlier this year, we heard a lot about the potential fallout from a zoning amendment requiring developers to provide off-street parking in new buildings; critics said such a shift would create demand for cars, thus worsen our already rotten traffic situation. Well, perhaps DCP will now create demand for bicycles. Yesterday, City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden announced an "initiative to require secure parking for bicycles in new multi-family residential, commercial and institutional buildings throughout the city," per a press release they sent us. The newfangled amendment would enter the public review process on November 17th, and it's designed to increase bike ridership (many more folks would ride if they knew they didn't have to lug a bike up several flights of stairs and store it in the bathtub). Meanwhile, as the city considers adding tolls to the East River crossings, folks on Curbed asked, "Why don't you all just bike over them?" Maybe, with bike storage and parking, they will.
Photo by GarySe7en.

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