More Troubles with Teens


Last week, we reported on an incident at the Court Street Barnes & Noble, in which a band of teens had an altercation with a manager and one eventually socked the guy. A similar problem seemed to happen yesterday, according to this note from Park Slope Parents: "All of 5th Street between 6/7 Aves is taped off tonight. According to the policeman: 'Stabbing' 'After School' 'Yes, it was students.' He is not allowed to confirm if it was a fatality, but given all the investigation still going on at 8pm, I fear the worst. I have walked through the groups of teenagers on 7th Ave at 3pm almost every day last year and often this year and while they are often rowdy and often oblivious to anyone else on the street, those same students can also be very respectful and polite. It is scary and sad and yet another issue we should all be aware of and talking about." Meanwhile, another group of Brooklyn teens was arrested for attacking another youth. Well, let's talk about it, then. Thoughts?

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