Last Week's Biggest Sales


1. PARK SLOPE $2,190,000
599 5th Street GMAP (left)
House of the Day writeup on this one in February went as follows: "This new listing at 599 5th Street will be an interesting barometer of the market. It's a beautiful limestone house on a park block that's got tons of detail and is in excellent shape; it's the kind of place that should have almost universal appeal. We also like the fact that the two-story extension solves the perennial problem of how to fit the kitchen on the parlor floor. The asking price is $2,400,000." Entered into contract on 5/6/09; closed on 6/29/09; deed recorded on 7/6/09.

2. PROSPECT HEIGHTS $1,665,000
1 Grand Army Plaza/On Prospect Park, Unit 11B GMAP (right)
According to its listing, this unit in the Meier-designed condo is 2,125 square feet and has three bedrooms. The buyers got quite a discount: It was asking $2.8 million, according to Corcoran Sunshine's rundown on the condo. Entered into contract on 5/12/09; closed on 6/16/09; deed recorded on 7/6/09.

3. WILLIAMSBURG $1,530,176
125 North 10th Street, Unit SPHG GMAP
As expected, this is one of the first closings in this Scarano-designed condo. No info available on the unit size, but other in-contract condos in the building priced over the $1 million mark are between 1,000 and 1,400 square feet, according to StreetEasy. Entered into contract on 3/27/08; closed on 6/22/09; deed recorded on 7/8/09.

4. DUMBO $1,425,000
30 Main Street, Unit 7C GMAP
This 1,689-sf, 2-bed was listed for $1,585,000 in November, according to StreetEasy. Entered into contract on 5/20/09; closed on 6/12/09; deed recorded on 7/9/09.

5. BRIGHTON BEACH $1,323,725
55 Oceana Drive East, Unit PH3E GMAP
A penthouse unit in the Oceana condo. Entered into contract on 6/4/09; closed on 6/25/09; deed recorded on 7/6/09.

599 5th Street pic from Property Shark.

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