Inside Third & Bond: Week 86


Summer is nearly here and it’s been great weather for throwing open windows to let in fresh spring breezes. It’s also been good weather for installing windows at Third + Bond. In Week 36 we talked about the then-new idea of using a heavy gauge vinyl window. We wanted to meet the Energy Star guidelines but the energy efficient aluminum windows were way over budget. Our vinyl windows from Paradigm ended up costing around $150,000 and we’ve been happy thus far. Installation is around 20% complete and on-going.

The windows are chocolate brown on the exterior and white on the interior. It cost a bit more to have the dual colors but we thought it important for the interior to not have chocolate brown and we could hardly do white on the exterior alongside the red brick and brown panel. In the former case, we’d be making a (bad) bold design decision on behalf of future residents. And in the latter case, we’d probably be sued by Architects Anonymous for putting something so ugly in the public realm.

The window shown above looks into what is currently the construction office, eventually it will be a second floor living room. (Yes, that big, ole fluorescent light is only temporary and not the final fixture.) The largest pane is operable while the others are fixed.

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