Inside Third & Bond: Week 73


The blogging team from Hudson Companies today tackles the, um, hairy problem of crafting a dog policy for the condo. Above, a photo of the work site.

We’ve often found that once a condo project is complete, the units are occupied and the punch lists are performed, the first thing condo owners and board members argue about is….the condo’s dog policy. We’ve seen board members almost come to blows regarding whether dogs should be allowed to access the building’s rear yard. We’ve seen DNA tests performed to determine if a dog was really a Pit Bull. And we’ve seen doggie character references submitted from prior neighbors. Since we’re finalizing the offering plan for Third + Bond which codifies the house rules, we thought we should re-review our dog policy and see if we’ve learned anything from all these previous dogfights.

Should we prohibit certain breeds or are we just a bunch of canine stereotypers?
In prior offering plans, we’ve said the following: “Under no circumstances will ‘Pit Bulls’ be permitted in any portion of the Buildings...

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