House of the Day: 405 Clinton Avenue


This is big news, people. The idiosyncratic mansion that William Tubby designed in 1889 for Charles Adolph Schieren, a leather manufacturer, inventor, politician and philanthropist, according to the Landmark Preservation report on Clinton Hill. The Romanesque Revival/Queen Anne hybrid has been owned by the same person since 1990, and unfortunately he has not had the means to maintain the historic house in the manner it deserves. Many in the neighborhood have hoped he would sell it before it was too late, so this comes as great news. There are no interior photos, but given the open windows and, we hear, lack of heat in the house, it's gotta be in pretty rough shape. Let's hope there's some well-heeled preservationist out there who's got the mojo to buy the place and return it to its former splendor. The asking price for the 6,300-square-foot place is $3,995,000.
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