Development Watch: Hollowed Out at 214 Underhill


In July, 2007, we discovered plans for a six-story addition to this wedge building at 214 Underhill at St. John's. Well, a year-and-a-half later, plywood still rings the site (though a big hole in it allowed us to snap a few candids, which you can see after the jump), which will be this, according to architect Gene Kaufman's Web site:

This triangular lot was actually so small that new development was prohibited, but through a complicated process, approval was obtained to enlarge an existing laundromat to ten stories for residential use and the full floor area allowed by zoning. The core was set against the inner wall, with one unit per floor in the base and duplexes comprising two full floors in the tower of the setback upper floors to take full advantage of the two long street facades. The metal panel clad apartments and the brick service core provide an exterior reading of the plan and a dialogue between closely nested elements on a vestigial slice of land.

The place has been gutted, though clearly progress has been s-l-o-w. All looks well with their DOB permitting, but a complaint recently came in that the metal columns are cracking and appear to be buckling. Yikes.
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