Closing Bell: Brownstoner Turns 4


We're getting old! It's hard to believe, but yesterday was the fourth anniversary of Brownstoner. Here's what we wrote in our initial post, back when the site was hosted on

Team Brownstoner is completely addicted to brownstones in Brooklyn. We just spent the past six months immersing ourselves in the market, finally buying one last month. We know, peak of the market, blah, blah, blah, but in the end the family needs a place to live. The cramped rental in over-priced Williamsburg just wasn't cutting it. So we wound up buying an old SRO in Clinton Hill and will now spend the next year or so renovating it. In this space, we'll continue to monitor new listings, articles, internet resources, etc. that pertain to buying and renovating historic brownstones in Brooklyn. We'll see how it goes.

It goes almost without saying that the fact that the site is still around has as much to do with the enthusiasm and generosity of the Brownstoner readership as it does to our own obsessiveness. So it seems fitting that, completely by coincidence, a group of readers has already organized a get-together for later this week at Union Hall in Park Slope. (Granted it was planned as an end-of-the-world party, but we'll still wear our party hat.) Check out this post on The Forum for more details. We'll be there, along with the likes of Biff, Dave and Montrose.

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