Brooklynites, Lend Us Your Ears (and Eyes)


No, we don't need your money, but we do need your input. As you may have noticed, we've been blogging solo in the new year to reflect the new austerity that is upon us. (Although ads are down like everywhere else, last week was the biggest traffic week ever so it's not all doom and gloom around here!) And while we're actually pleased with the regained editorial control, the shift does limit our mobility (i.e. we're chained to our computer). Therefore, more than ever, we need readers to be our eyes and ears on the streets. So if you're a regular and you happen to own a digital camera, we'd be forever grateful if you'd try carrying it around with you and snapping developments, storefronts and other curiosities for us. As always, you can opt for credit or anonymity.
Mr. B

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