BREAKING: City Council Approves Dock Street Dumbo


The headline says it all...The City Council just approved by a margin of 39 40 to 9 the rezoning the make Two Trees' Dock Street Dumbo project a reality. More details to follow, we're sure...UPDATE: Quote from Two Trees' Jed Walentas: "We are grateful for today's vote by the City Council approving Dock Street Dumbo and want to thank all the Council members for their careful deliberations and support. Two Trees is both honored and proud to be able to provide the community with a new middle school, affordable housing and a thoughtful, environmentally friendly green building that will add to the vibrant, historic waterfront neighborhood of Dumbo." ANOTHER UPDATE: From Gus Sheha, President of the Dumbo Neighborhood Association: “To our members, neighbors and admirers of the Brooklyn Bridge, far and wide, we assure you that our fight against Dock Street does not end here. As stewards of the Brooklyn Bridge, we are exploring various legal and governmental investigatory actions to counter the assault committed by Two Trees Management, aided and abetted by City Council, on our cultural heritage and history.”

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