Bird Blog: Week 18


Every other week, Jennifer Mankins, owner of the Bird boutiques, tells us about the new 2,500-square-foot store on Grand Street in Williamsburg that she's getting ready to open. Up this week: the contracts have been signed and the work begins.

Half of the wooden floor has been taken up and is being prepped to be re-installed in order to fill the areas that had been cut out by the last tenant. We thought if we simply filled the gaps with new wood, or even reclaimed old wood, it would be too patchy, so we are mixing the old-old wood, and the new-old wood for a more even effect. The crew is still getting used to the idea of sorting and separating material for recycling, instead of just hauling everything outside to the dumpster. I think they think we’re crazy. The original electrical panel was sitting on the interior brick supporting wall that is going to be partially demolished, so the electrician came and moved the panel and set up temporary power and light. The panel will have to be moved again when we get the new interior office walls built.

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