Dharma Beer, a Re-Cap Rock Band & Island Tacos: Inside the “Lost” Party

If the highly-anticipated debut of the sixth and final season of "Lost" took hold of the nation last night, than the epicenter of the show's nerd community had to be at Brooklyn's Bell House.

In the two-hour run up to the show, re-cap rock band Previously On Lost churned out zany, character-themed jams from the palm tree-flanked stage, tropical cocktails were swilled willy-nilly from the open bar and insider-y talk of smoke-monsters, cursed numbers and time-travel was given far more credence than it's probably ever received this side of a straight jacket.

But you had to wonder: For a show rampant with convoluted plot lines and half-baked theories, why would any diehard "Lost" aficionado hell bent on making sense of the whole thing subject themselves to viewing it in the chaotic company of complete strangers?

"I would say most 'Lost' fans have had some period of time where they've had to lock themselves into a room to catch up," said Previously On Lost's co-founder Jeff Curtin. "But I think now that we're all going episode to episode, it really is best to watch it in public with a group."

Judging by all the high-fiving and hooting and hollering that punctuated the two-hour premiere, he might just be right.

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