Bounced From Beatrice

Much like skinning a cat, there is more than one way to get a spirit-crushing, soul-killing rejection from Beatrice Inn. Black Book mag sat with two anonymous staff tipsters to get the lowdown on getting past the door at Beatrice. The advice sort of boiled down to the usual. Be famous or be a model, don't be from Jersey, don't show up with four guys and no girls and expect to get in, and you're not getting in anyway.

There's a case to made for Beatrice-rejections-as-street-theater though. What could be more entertaining than watching drunk (and possibly jobless) finance guys being told to take a hike even as they protest they "belong." Or just eavesdropping on the line, which Thing One (a not-so-thinly-veiled Ben Barna) and Thing Two helpfully point out shouldn't exist. It's in or out, they say: "If there’s a line, you’re not getting in. The people who formed the line are idiots, and they aren’t getting in either."

The male-female tandem's best advice: Make the most of the rough treatment: You and your dejected friends can go get a classic burger around the block on Jane St. "It's just an excuse to eat at Corner Bistro," said Thing Two.

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