Beyond Weird: Scientology's New Uniforms

We're not sure what's weirder -- the fact that Scientology's new "Ideal Org" churches come with chic black-and-red uniforms, or the fact that Richard Tyler designed them. Yes, the very same Richard Tyler of the allegedly "too small" Delta Uniforms. Maybe this guy should be steering clear of uniforms altogether at this point.

Gawker stumbled upon this ultra-creepy advertisement for Scientology's "Ideal Org" initiative in International Scientology News (we're not asking how they got their hands on a copy) and managed to scan it and all its mind-bending glory. First of all, there are the capes (lined in scarlet), which give off a certain witchy vibe (who would add capes to any situation involving Scientology? Tyler, you're losing your touch), and the overall red-and-black palette has the same hellish vibe that caused most fashion editors to critique Michelle Obama's inauguration day outfit. And then there's the whole idea that these uniforms are somehow meant to convey that you will be "emissaries of a new civilization." With those vests? We don't think so.

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