Behind the Scenes With Common, Nas and No I.D.

We recently brought you word of Common's collaboration with Nas, a one-track called "Ghetto Dreams," produced by NO I.D., who was behind the helm for Common's Resurrection. It's a monster mash-up, and the track is, let's just admit it, amazing.

Brian "B.Kyle" Atkins was behind the scenes during the recording and production of the track, and he's shared the result with us all.

It's a real, full look in the booth, with interviews with everyone involved. Man oh man, it's great to see humility still, after a right-wing uproar of being invited to the White House and being called one of the best rappers of all time, respectively.

Check out the video right here:

My favorite is Nas with a nice glass of what appears to be white wine.

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