Barneys Leads Mainstream Retail to Brooklyn

Brooklyn's not just for the crafty. With the impending arrival of Barneys Co-op in Cobble Hill, more than a few Brooklyn neighborhoods are fast becoming the target of more mainstream retailers searching for new store locations.

Everyone from Swarovski Crystal to North Face and Anthropologie are said to be scouting for space in the borough, reports The New York Times. Apparently it's all a game of follow-the-leader, with Barneys having cleared the way.

It makes sense: Cobble Hill is not only home to those wealthy enough to afford its pricey brownstones (and thus pricey fashions), there are also a number of offices there. Fulton Street Mall is also nearby and H&M is slated to open next year, which will draw more hordes of hungry shoppers.

Finally, at just a quarter of the cost of prime Manhattan locales like SoHo, setting up shop is a bargain. The one stumbling block might be supply. Unlike Williamsburg, roomy, retail-friendly digs in Cobble Hill -- that also happen to be on blocks with heavy foot traffic -- are scarce.


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